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The series of Tagaytay wedding hosting begins!

Updated: Aug 7, 2023

I’m still on cloud nine for hosting my first event in one of the country’s best wedding destinations or some would call it, the wedding capital of the Philippines – Tagaytay. Just like in Baguio City, this place is known to have green sceneries, lushful forests and cold breeze due to its hilly and mountainous location. Aside from its agriculture, culinary, tourism and hospitality richness, it’s even more mesmerizing to have a view of the infamous and historic Taal Volcano and Taal Lake. So we still had the time to roam around, eat 'bulalo' and rest before the reception.

Featuring John and Judy’s wedding on April 22 this year, it was a remarkable, magnificent and enchanting day to celebrate their marriage as it was held at the classical Fernwood Gardens Tagaytay. The venue is one of the most luxurious sites I’ve hosted having interior and exterior royal gardens and European-inspired architectural design. Reaching this location would only take a few minutes from the city proper and just enough time to give you the excitement before indulging with its beauty and magic.

On July 1, 2023, I went back to this marvelous city for the second time to host Christian & Joanna's wedding at Tagaytay Midlands. WIth more than 100 guests, the couple's loved ones travelled from Nueva Ecija, Bataan, Ilocos and even came from abroad to witness their union and to celebrate their first day of marriage. The Golf Club was filled with green sceneries and would compliment the cold and rainy breeze of the peaks. We had sightseeing, games, fireworks display, lavish dinner and have joyously met and interacted with everyone. Truly a remarkable occasion to highlight!

Aiming to reach other regions in the Philippines is one of my greatest personal and career goals as it provides the opportunity to work with local professionals, build network and partnerships for future events and even learn more in the industry. Thus, it's truly humbling and fulfilling to tick another experience in my profession having hosted some events in Southern Tagalog Region (CALABARZON) or south of Metro Manila.

Now the question is, where's next? Praying and hoping for other places, preferably outside of Luzon, soon! It's going to be exciting! ~ #ApplauseNCHeERs

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