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Tan-Ok Ni Ilocano: Festival of Festivals 2024 - Hosting Highlights | Ancher Cua with Mariz & Majang
Ancher Cua, Event Host

Tan-Ok Ni Ilocano: Festival of Festivals 2024 - Hosting Highlights | Ancher Cua with Mariz & Majang

After five years, we're back on the biggest stage of #IlocosNorte! Deep inside, I'm joyfully touched whenever I host and watch #TanOk as it truly brings out the Ilocano pride in me! Having emceed the 2018 (bicentennial celebration) and 2019 editions, every word speaks about the treasures we uphold and what the world should witness. The performances remind us that each tale portrays how our lives, stories, cultures, beliefs and values matter and are well-connected. No matter where we live - mountains, rivers, shores, farms or even in the urbans - local or overseas, it's all about our way of life carrying the pride, dreams and love for our families, kakailian and the entire province. I would say that this will always be the real spirit of celebrating #TanOkNiIlocano and every #Ilocano is a champion. My great thanks to Sir Randy Abian Leaรฑo, Sir Aian Raquel for sharing the honor of taking part on this year's marvelous show and for the attire concept with Ira Baylon; Sir EJ Deus for the incredible scriptwriting; Ilocos Norte Tourism Office currently led by the Festival Director, Xavier Rafales Ruiz along with his team, I always enjoy working with you all! Also, to my hosting partners, Ma'am Mary Jane "Majang" Pascual-Leano and Mariz Domingo, it has been magnificent to be with such treasured beauties and icons like them. My biggest and special thanks to Governor Matthew Marcos Manotoc and the Provincial Government of Ilocos Norte! Dios ti agngina! Iti maminsan pay ken agnanayon, agbiag ti Ilocos Norte! Agbiag ti Ilocano! ๐Ÿ™Œ ~~~ FULL VIDEO (6 hours) is available via Facebook Pages of 'Ilocos Norte Tourism' and 'Provincial Government of Ilocos Norte.' This video uploaded by Ancher Cua is only for portfolio purposes or client reference and all credits go to the said original uploader of the show's live broadcast through the said Facebook Pages. HMUA: Angel Pascual Wardrobe Assistant: Erica Martinez Skin and Facial Glow: Ilocosmetics #TanOk2024 #TanOkNiIlocano2024 #IlocosNorteImIN #ApplauseNCHeERs ๐ŸŽคโญ๏ธ๐Ÿ‘ |
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