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#BonVoyAnch Trips

As a tourism graduate, travel enthusiast and lecturer of the said field, I always believe that travelling lets us embrace the wonders of life especially in learning about cultures, destinations, events and people. Through these rich involvements, I'm able to inspire younger generations to discover different roads that will widen their horizons.

New Zealand

This country is a cradle of ancient natives in the Pacific! The trip was a very memorable and remarkable one as I didn't just hosted an event outside of the Philippines, it was also my first time to travel abroad! I'm so lucky to have this kind of God family, the Lao Family, for such a remarkable experience. Especially when my God sister got married at Hilton Hotel, Auckland. During the two-week vacation, we've visited various man-made and natural attractions on different towns big city and were able to try their delectable delicacies including the best-selling, fish and chips! 

If you ever watched the movie 'The Hobbit', a prequel of the famous 'Lord of the Rings', the movie was taped in Matamata with their very own movie set! With a converted fee of Php 3,000, the tour was good for one hour with tour guide. The set is visited by more than a thousand visitors per day! It's really a must-see and we're so lucky to take a short peek! Til' next time, NZ!


One of the most visited tourist destinations in the Cordilleras! Sagada is known because of its mountain valleys, cliffs, caves and the people living with their traditions. They are truly cultured as transpired by their ancestral beliefs and they're really hospitable, warm-hearted and helpful. Did you know that this destination was famously known in the movie "That Thing Called Tadhana" by Angelica Panganiban and JM De Guzman? Oh how I wish I can watch it again with my destined one or shall I say, "ang itinadhana para sa akin." :)

By the way, have you noticed a picture at the back of the 20-peso bill? It features the Banaue Rice Terraces is currently recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage Site in Ifugao. Aside from the area's contribution to the town's economy, it serves as a great cultural function and cooperation of the people, commonly known as bayanihan. I miss the cold weather there!


It was my childhood dream to experience the MassKara Festival. After 15 years, it is with great awe to experience the fiesta with floats, costumed dancers, lots of street food (talking about their famous Inasal), drinking, gaming and partying along the Bacolod's Lacson Street! But other than that, we've also visited one of the biggest resorts in the province called as 'Campuestuhan Resort' which offers several water activities for families and 'The Ruins',  which was built to commemorate the love of Don Mariano Lacson to his wife Maria Braganza who died untimely. Much like of India's Taj Mahal story actually. 

But good thing, I also took the time to visit Iloilo City which was only two hours away via ferry. The said city is known for its historical churches, colonial houses and the Dinagyang Festival. The place is also considered as the heart of the Philippines as it located at the middle of the archipelago. Now I know why the place is also called as the City of Love.


This trip wasn't an ordinary one. Have you tried going on a destination where you couldn't have any network signal? How about no electricity to charge your electronic devices? And a common bathroom for every visitor to use? And of course, how will you be able to keep yourself warm without any tent or eat without a stove? The life was like living in an era with no technology. Well that's our adventure in Zambales, particularly in Anawangin Cove in the town of San Antonio.

Just the five of us, it's like a "scouting" experience on our younger days especially when we talk about camping and living outside of the civilization. But traveling to this place gives you a tranquil, serene and peaceful feeling and maybe a perfect time to "move on" from any heart aches. LOL. But after our overnight stay, we headed to Pangasinan province first for boating and island hopping at the mesmerizing Hundred Islands National Park in Alaminos City.