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Applause N' Cheers by Ancher Cua, Event Host (Wedding Emcee)

People's Choice Awards

Philippines' Top-Voted Wedding/Event Host

Applause N' Cheers by Ancher Cua, Event Host (Emcee)

Asia Prestige Awards

Event Planning Service (Emcee/Event Host) of the Year


Applause N' Cheers by Ancher Cua, Event Host (Wedding Emcee)
Event Host / Emcee
Ilocos Region & Metro Manila
Applause N' Cheers by Ancher Cua, Event Host (Emcee)

Asian Sterling Awards

Most Outstanding Event Hosting Services Provider

Applause N' Cheers by Ancher Cua, Event Host (Emcee)

StarOfService Recognition

One of the Top Pros and

Best Professionals of 2022

"The dashingly bedimpled Ancher Cua whose showbiz-worthy and gift of nab need to be discovered in a national level."

Mr. Norman Tinio

"Really a master of his craft in hosting events. No wonder he's a well-demanded event host..."

Ms. Karmela Agustin

"I wasn't always wrong in hiring him because he gives out his passion and best in hosting our occasions!"

Mrs. Leonida Ford

"One of the best hosts I encountered. Definitely a pride of Ilocos Norte...He won't let you down!"

Mr. Franz Dobluis, CPA

Your Host from the North

My ample experiences in hosting student activities, traditional barrio weddings, and other off-campus mini-events to support my financial needs and studies way back in college have already equipped me with knowledge in the field of events management and entertainment. After obtaining my tourism degree, I first worked as a tour guide, travel agency reservations officer and later became a college instructor leading me to this amazing career!

It all officially began when we first hosted the Mr. & Ms. College of Business Education Pageant (December 2014) and the Mr. & Ms. Northwestern University Pageant (January 2015) with our first local television exposure. Things went modestly normal after these student events until preparations came for Laoag City's Pamulinawen Festival on February 2015. As a great surprise, I was invited to host the Miss Association of Barangay Councils (ABC) Laoag pageant which I earnestly accepted due to rare chances and grant my inner thoughts of hosting off-campus events.


While it was my first time to take part on city-wide activities, little did I know that this part-time job will be going along as we hosted other grand occasions like the 50th Charter Day or Golden Birthday of Laoag City and Miss Laoag City Pamulinawen pageant.

Ancher Cua, Event Host (Emcee)
Ancher Cua, Event Host (Emcee)

Mr. & Miss NWU 2015 with Precious Bucad

Ancher Cua, Event Host (Emcee)

Miss ABC Laoag 2015 pageant with Mr. Joel Perdido

Himala sa Buhangin 2015 with co-hosts Stella, Clyde & Hadji

Blessings also poured on the same and following year when I’ve been invited to host highly-attended and most anticipated public shows on various local government units such as Miss Banna, Miss Piddig, Miss Sarrat pageants, and more notably, the Provincial Government of Ilocos Norte with the Himala Sa Buhangin 2015, Miss Ilocos Norte pageants and other youth/tourism-related activities.


All of these steered my career wheel in standing onstage, facing the crowd while holding the microphone, greeting everyone in Iloco, "Naimbag nga rabii kadakayo amin!" (Good evening, ladies and gentlemen!).

Ancher Cua, Event Host (Emcee)

Greatly inspired and humbled to share my talent and experiences, it also opened me to opportunities in hosting international pageants such as:

  • Mister Tourism World Finals on December 2016 at Vigan Convention Center, Ilocos Sur

  • Mister Grand International Preliminaries (September 2017) held in Vigan City, Ilocos Sur

  • The 13th Mister International Preliminaries (2019) held in Ilocos Norte Centennial Arena, Laoag City supported by national and local sponsors and organized by Ilocos Norte Tourism Office with Ilocano talents.

Ancher Cua, Event Host (Emcee)
Ancher Cua, Event Host (Emcee)
Ancher Cua, Event Host (Emcee)

Mister Grand International 2017 Preliminaries in Vigan City

Because of both live and television exposures, event organizers, planners, coordinators, suppliers and other colleagues in the event industry inside and outside of the province have provided numerous events to host such as weddings, birthdays/debuts, corporate events, festivals, concerts and other public shows, etc.


Talking about special occasions, I proudly highlight the wedding of Atty. Michael Marcos Manotoc (the youngest son of Senator Imee Marcos) and Mrs. Kara Manglapus-Manotoc held on November 2017 in front of the Paoay Church, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It was the grandest and biggest wedding reception hosting with Mrs. Stella Gaspar-Gudoy having more than 5,000 guests!

Ancher Cua, Event Host (Emcee)

The couple, Mrs. Kara & Atty. Michael Marcos

I also had my very first event hosting abroad during the wedding of Mr. Christian and Mrs. Rosemarie Lao-Durban on July 2018 at Hilton Hotel, Auckland, New Zealand. Truly remarkable that highlights my passion and work, this event provided an opportunity to discover the world and know more about the said country. Special thanks to the Lao family!

And did you know that I can do more than just hosting events? Aside from emceeing special occasions, corporate events and public shows, I also accept promotional projects for marketing, publicity and information sharing purposes. I currently work with brands, networks, companies and organizations to produce media in both speaking and voice overing modes.

Ancher Cua, Event Host (Emcee)

At present and with over nine years in the industry, I'm already nearing to hosting a total of 700 events! These are weddings, family occasions, corporate and other public shows held online inside of Ilocos, in Metro Manila or abroad. Whether hosting in Iloco, Tagalog/Filipino and English, I always aim at making my events special, memorable and awesome with lots of smiles, applause and cheers!


I finished my Master in Business Administration (MBA) Degree at Northwestern University in the year 2020.


I pursued my tertiary education at Mariano Marcos State University with a degree in Bachelor of Science in Business Administration - major in Tourism Management (Batch 2014). I am also a former high school student of Ilocos Norte College of Arts and Trades (Batch 2010.


Alongside hosting, I'm a part-time Assistant Professor at Northwestern University teaching tourism and hospitality subjects.

I first worked as a reservations officer and tour guide in a local travel agency then later entered the academe as a Tourism Department Instructor at Northwestern University. I also occupied the position of Marketing Officer and Website Content Manager under the President's Office of the said institution.


Being an event host, educator and even a former title holder of some local male pageants, I'm also a lecturer or resource speaker and advocate of various fields such as personality development, public speaking, youth welfare, leadership, tourism and hospitality, career and professional guidance, management and business; and a contest judge of various competitions, pageants, research, and the like, in the local and up to the international level.


With experiences in event management, we have pioneered projects that combine education and social responsibility. These were North Luzon Tourism and Hospitality Convention (2016) and Bangon Marawi Run for a Cause (2017), a fund-raising and running event participated by hundreds of Ilocanos. Other academic and professional development programs were also held and we still continuously work in the industry for projects and events.


Ancher Cua, Event Host (Wedding Emcee)
Ancher Cua, Event Host (Wedding Emcee)
Ancher Cua, Event Host (Wedding Emcee)
Ancher Cua, Event Host (Wedding Emcee)
Ancher Cua, Event Host (Wedding Emcee)
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