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Ancher's wedding hosting in New Zealand!

I was on my third year of hosting events with no experience in travelling abroad. But with great passion and prayers, God has given me a gift worth remembering.

My first international trip took me to the other side of my "normal" world. In life, you don't just work and do the usual things. Instead, giving time for yourself is a necessity to battle all the stress and even move on from heartaches (Ahem!).

The city's bay view from Hilton Hotel Auckland. Good day, New Zealand!

This vacation also reminded me on the saying, "everything happens for a reason". That period, I was on a mixed-emotion state because of a personal thing I had to let go. With a thought that God gave me a big reason to embrace myself even more and release the hurtful feelings, I had to give both myself the priority it needs especially in moving on. And this worthwhile experience really helped me get through!

Nonetheless, I never forgotten this international travel as it was my very first hosting stint outside of the Philippines. Held on the 2nd day of July 2018 in Hotel Auckland, New Zealand, it was the special day of my God sister, Rosemarie Lao and her husband, Christian Angelo Durban. The wedding was intimate and attended by the closest family, friends and couple's colleagues. A night to enjoy and remember, I had the honor and privilege to entertain everybody in the most Filipino way.

As it should or most would be, weddings are special and fun. It's a once in a lifetime event so every moment counts. Knowing myself as a happy-go-lucky person, smiles in every part of the occasion are a must especially on my favorite part, the Singles' Games. Worth it ang mga palakpakan, hiyawan at tawanan! (All applause, cheers and laughter were worth it!)

We concluded that night with lots of partying. But the enjoyment doesn't end there as we also discovered the beauty of New Zealand even further!

Gazing on the power of nature and country's wonders, I realized two things: 1) it pays to be good and kind all the time and; 2) always love, respect and give value to yourself. I'm sure that this is one of the reasons why God gave me this opportunity along with the blessings received by my God family despite their struggles as well. It shown me perspectives in knowing everyone, my potential and what I can do more. Thus, if we want to succeed in life, we must work with passion. If we want to explore and live more, let's travel and discover.

As the saying goes, "a family is where all the love and happiness belong", I'm so blessed to be part of this vacation and gathering and also grateful to the whole Lao family - Ninong Richard, Ninang Nora, God Sister Rosemarie and husband, Christian and other God siblings: Roxee, Leoric, Eric and as well as to their loving Grand Mom, Lola Rosa together with their relatives who I travelled with from the Philippines. I'm already happy to have hosted the wedding occasion. But I'm even happier and lucky because I have such heartwarming, hardworking and God-fearing people like them.

I may have stayed there for only about half a month but my heart fell in love with everything I've seen. It's really a different world out there. So much beauty and awe! I already miss New Zealand, my God family and friends there. Above all, I still thank God for the amazing gifts - the talent, experience and people. Indeed, there's so much to celebrate in life!

~ #ApplauseNCHeERs goes to #NewZealand to host #ChristianGotMARIEd's wedding!

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