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We made it again to the Top Wedding / Event Hosts (Emcee) in the Philippines!

Updated: Dec 8, 2022

It's another amazing and blessed year to celebrate the good times! As the events and entertainment industry is back, everybody is almost on full swing in working with clients especially that everyone missed face-to-face activities and Christmas-related occasions.

With all the passion, efforts and talent we've poured throughout the year, we still thank our association who have been recognizing the potential and work as event suppliers. Specifically during the Wedding Suppliers Association of the Philippines (WSAP) - People's Choice Awards. It was a great surprise when I saw my name and brand being nominated for the second time via WSAP's Facebook Page.

Voting officially opened on November 12, 2022 and nominees were given a week or until November 19, 2022 to accumulate points. As soon as we've shared the voting photo (upper right image), people, clients and followers have reacted, commented and shared the post. Below are some of the kind comments I've read and I thank them for sharing.

With over a hundred nominated wedding/event hosts and a total of 119 reactions, 19 comments and 43 shares on Facebook, Applause N' Cheers by Ancher Cua, Event Host was announced as one of the Top 30 Event Hosts / Emcees during the virtual awarding event on November 25, 2022.

With great pride, I thank everyone who have supported me along the way especially my followers, clients, friends, relatives and family. I always say that I won't be making it to the top for the second time if it weren't because of their support. That's why I'm always and still dedicated to bring out the best for everyone as we all deserve to celebrate our achievements, our milestones and the great life we have.

Congratulations to all the nominees and highly-voted ones as well! This is another Christmas gift for us to cherish and include on our books! Cheers!

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