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My project experience with Asaricha Beach Resort

Have you been looking for a state-of-the-art and relaxing view by the coast? Is your family or group of friends finding for a place with tranquility and vivid view? And how about activities and food that you greatly crave? If you plan to tick all of these in your checklist, you should definitely visit this modern paradise of the North!

The province of Ilocos Norte is richly blessed with natural and man-made destinations where thousands of tourists visit to see and experience these wonders. This summer season especially during the Holy Week long weekend vacation, large group of families and friends will get to enjoy their get-away as everyone is welcome now that COVID-19 restrictions is at its lowest level. Of course, the more visitors will arrive, the more accommodations will be needed to cater them all.

On February 2, 2022, Asaricha Beach Resort in Brgy. Estancia, Pasuquin, Ilocos Norte opened its doors and we've been pleasured to experience the resort's services and grandeur on their first day. A lot has improved and the establishment's name has been known to the public for a year. Celebrated their first anniversary on the same date this 2023, a special resort tour video was uploaded via Facebook for the whole world to virtually experience and see what the accommodation offers. Watch the video below and be mesmerized!

That's right, I've proudly presented or hosted the whole resort's magnificence! Together with Fueled by Heart by Mr. Kevin Ayson and team plus the accommodation's management headed by Ms. Jax Dejolde, we are truly thankful for having us on this great milestone and for letting us share the establishment's elegance and hospitality. As we say who haven't set foot or are still planning to go there, you'll never know unless you go. So start checking them via website:

We hope to see you there and let's all have a joyful Summer 2023!

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