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Ancher Cua is in GMA News TV's Biyahe Ni Drew!

Updated: Oct 13, 2022

Our Idol, Drew Arellano, has been one of the most prominent, adventurous and greatly followed Biyaheros in the country! He has gone to a lot of places to experience the FUN-tastic trends and tried different delicacies to show how rich our culture and traditions are! But due to existing quarantine protocols and strict work-from-home arrangement that time, our idol wasn't able to visit Ilocos Norte. Instead, he called his far-away Laoag-based buddy, yours truly Ancher Cua, to be his Biyahero / Travel Correspondent and "clingy friend".

The 30-minute episode featured the newest tourist destinations particularly in the town of Vintar. Travel documentations and instructions were also mentioned for additional awareness of our pandemic travellers. Despite of the heightened travel restrictions that time, we had to encourage people in visiting tourist destinations after months of hiatus. This would also bring back the life of the industry and its frontliners. Here are just some photo captures from the full episode but better watch the video above, okay? :)

I greatly thank and acknowledge Mr. Ronald Macatulad of Coverlook Photography as our incredible guide/director, for taking the best scenes during the shoot and for bringing out the clingy and playful personality in me!

We'd also like to thank Mr. Erwin Suguitan of Vintar Tourism Office, Ms. Jea Borja of Bakers PH, Ms. Paola Neyra, Ms. Eva Ercilla and the whole Biyahe Ni Drew Team for this experience and episode. No matter how things get rough, we're taking the challenge just to bring the good news to everyone. As the tourism industry is back, let's start travelling again, Biyaheros!

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